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Leather Care Products

Neatsfoot Oil
Will darken light leathers. Sometimes, that's exactly what you want. Especially when it comes to saddlery, safety belts, gloves and other heavy unfinished leathers. Protects leather against stiffening and drying out. Restores leather's softness and makes it more pliable. Penetrates as it lubricates and waterproofs the fibers, yet allowing the leather to breathe. Just rub liberally into leather, wipe off excess and it's ready for storage or use. 8 oz bottle.

Leather Lotion
To clean, polish and protect your leathers as it conditions. A wax free, non-residue deep cleaner that also prevents cracking and restores dried leathers. Ideal for auto upholstery, leather furniture, leather garments and all finished leathers. Great for exotic leathers as well, such as snake, alligator etc.

Mink Oil or Mink Oil Spray
Mink oil leather water protection. The spray makes it easier for even coating on your leather article. Waterproofer, ideal for black leather. This item may darken light colors. Longest lasting water protection of all available. Waterproofs as it softens and preserves your finished leathers. Unlike paste, will not cake up in stitching and discolor in time. Apply freely and rub in for your degree of softness. A natural water protection and highly recommended by Jamin' Leather™.

Liquid Saddle Soap
No more yucky paste, now available in a pump sprayer. A deep cleaner and conditioner for all your natural and finished leathers. Just spray it on and wash with a soft damp cloth. Rub in any excess as you clean. Can be safe for some light colors, test an inconspicuous area first and let dry.

Leather Waterproof Spray
Mink Oil is the best option but may darken light colors. This may be the single most important product you can purchase to prevent permanent staining from liquids that could penetrate the leather or suede. Ideal for colors and nylons as well.

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Q&A on Leather Care by Jamin Leather®

Do the products I use to protect my shoes work on my jacket or other leather items?
Read the labels. But generally yes. If it is made for leather, it will work fine on all your leather goods.


Do I need to condition a new coat or leather article when I buy it?
No. All leather articles in new condition are tanned with all the conditioners needed for immediate use.


Do I need to routinely need to clean my leather?
No. We recommend only to clean leather if it is dirty and most of all noticeably dirty. Cleaning with anything other than a damp rag can dry out the leather and cause excessive wear on the leather finish.


Do I need to waterproof a new leather jacket after I buy it?
It depends! Articles that will often be exposed to rain or outdoor environment (morning dew, etc.) will require it. Especially motorcycle accessories and leather apparel worn on the bike. We don't recommend storing leather bags on a motorcycle in a damp garage or storage since the dampness will destroy from underneath and inside the article. Remove the bags from the bike before long periods of storage time.



How do I clean my leather jacket?
Most surface dirt will clean with a damp cloth (save the money on costly cleaning bills). If a finished leather with a low to high luster you can use a touch of mild dish soap on a clean cloth. If still dirty you will have to visit a local cleaners to send it out professionally. Oil stains and ink don't come out most of the time. We recommend shopping Jamin' Leather Online Catalog for a replacement.


How do I clean my suede item?
A suede cleaner is available from fine retailers, department stores and even your grocery store. Jamin' Leather doesn't carry the product because it generally doesn't work. That's right, it won't work to thoroughly clean your suede product unless you are just cleaning surface dirt that could very well come off with a damp cloth just as easily. You may opt to be sent out for a professional cleaning that is generally available at your local dry cleaners, but can often cost more than the article is worth to clean it. Sometimes suede brushes (soft wire bristle brush) work a bit, but often the person cleaning will brush off too much suede and create a bald spot that is worse. So, the unfortunate truth is that suede is hard to clean. Maybe that is why we carry so little suede here at Jamin Leather®.


How often do I have to reapply the waterproofing?
Depending on use and exposure to the elements. Often once a year if using a Mink Oil product and once a season. Mink oil may darken light colors. The protector will breakdown in time, especially with extended exposure to moisture or sun.


How often do I need to reapply conditioner?
Only as often as you find results. Over conditioning can make the article oily. Depending on how much the article is absorbing the conditioner will determine the frequency. In general terms once a year to once every other year.


Is protecting with Silicone any good?
Honestly, we don't know since we don't sell it. How's that for being straight forward. Recently it has been said that silicone can breakdown the leather and ruin it. But I'm sure there are storage concerns that may effect any negative results. It used to be a product sworn by many for years by some.


My leather appears to be stiff. Will conditioning help?
On an old article, possibly. On a damaged article, no. More than likely it is stiff because it was stored in a very hot place - trunk of a car, back seat of a car, on radiator or heating element, or outdoors. If you really like the article, it might be worth a try to condition it.


My leathers smell. What can I do?
That depends on what it smells like. The rawhide smell can naturally smell like a cow pasture. But most likely what you are smelling is the dyes and finishes on the hide Almost nothing can be done to instantly remove the smell. All you should do is wear it outdoors often. The more you wear it and the warmth of your body will eventually soften the smell but never eliminate it. If your leather smells like body odor, you may need to take it to a professional to clean the jacket. There are some chemical cleaners that could help but we don't know or use any to recommend.


What is the best waterproofing product available?
Mink Oil for black leathers with low to high luster. But be careful with extra soft leathers like naked leather, nubuck, or buffed leathers. The products we offer are not recommended for suede. Mink oil may darken light color leathers.


What would Jamin Leather® recommend for leather conditioner?
Not any one specific brand. We offer Mink Oil. Most all available today are of good quality and will do as the show on the label. Be sure to use the right product for the right job. Understand that a conditioner can also be a water repellent but most don't protect against water damage. Conditioner should not be used on suede or light color since they may change the color and texture.


Will conditioning make my leather last longer?
Yes. But understand it is not always needed on brand new articles. Conditioning will improve the life of the garment by restoring natural properties of the hide that often dry out in time.


For more information on leather types, leather care and leather repair, here are a few Jamin' Leather videos to help you understand better:



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