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What Our Customers Say

  • Absolutely Love It
    Absolutely Love It
    "I wanted to tell you I am super happy with my jacket. It fits better than I hoped... thank you so much for every video you have one here." - Todd from IA
  • Thank You!
    Thank You!
    "Want to thank every employee at Jamin Leather, very satisfied with my new leather buffalo motorcycle pants... love the new pants thank you all again" - Joe from MO
  • Great Time During Bike Week
    Great Time During Bike Week
    "It was such a pleasure to meet your staff while visiting over Bike Week this past weekend!" - Laci from SC
  • Thanks for the Fantastic Product!
    Thanks for the Fantastic Product!
    "The leather fits perfectly. I'll never buy another leather jacket from anyone other than your company" - Joe from MI
  • Great Service
    Great Service
    "Product was as advertised and delivery was quick" - Gary from Canada
  • Recommend Highly!
    Recommend Highly!
    "I was at the shop twice in two days, looking for something specific. The sales staff is so knowledgeable and so friendly and helpful" - Debbie
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