Neatsfoot Oil 8 Oz #A_NO54086

Neatsfoot oil , lubricates, waterproofs, protects. Ideal conditioning for dark leathers.

MSRP: $12.99
SALE PRICE: $11.99

Leather conditioner will darken light leathers. Sometimes, that's exactly what you want. Especially when it comes to saddlery, safety belts, gloves and other heavy unfinished leathers. Leather oil protects against stiffening and drying out. This leather treatment restores leather's softness and makes it more pliable. Penetrates as it lubricates and waterproofs the fibers, yet allowing the leather to breathe. Just rub liberally into leather, wipe off excess and it's ready for storage or use. 8 oz. bottle. [1#]


  • restores leather softness
  • protects against stiffening
  • protects against drying out
  • allows leather to breathe
  • makes leather more pliable
  • ideal for dark leathers only
  • will darken light colors






ERIC W | 24-12-2019 19:48

Great product for leather

5 stars based on 1 reviews