Mink Oil Liquid 8 Oz #A_MO54037

Mink oil is the best natural leather conditioner and waterproof-er Ideal for finished black leathers. Will darken light colors.

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SALE PRICE: $12.99
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Mink oil liquid, leather water repellent and conditioner. Waterproof-er, ideal for black leather. This item may darken light colors. Longest lasting water protection of all available. Waterproofs as it softens and preserves your finished leathers. Unlike paste, will not cake up in stitching and discolor in time. Apply freely and rub in for your degree of softness. A natural water protection and highly recommended by Jamin Leather 8 oz. bottle. [#1]


  • wax free
  • prevents cracking
  • restores dried leather
  • ideal for dark colors
  • 8 ounce bottle






DIRK B | 16-11-2019 16:37

Wonderful products & service. Chris is wonderful!!

ANONYMOUS | 16-11-2019 16:37

If you have dark leather, you need to have mink oil around. This stuff is great, and with the fast delivery, forget about it.

Roman | 18-09-2019 17:10


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