Vented Eagle Vented Leather Motorcycle Jacket #M305VZ

Men's vented leather motorcycle jacket that's ideal for warm weather riding. This motorcycle riding jacket includes zip vents, a full sleeve zip out liner, a snap collar, side lacing, inside chest pockets and more. Big sizes available.
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Popular men's leather motorcycle jacket that is vented for summer and warm weather riding. This motorcycle riding jacket is made of top grain premium cowhide leather with features any serious rider will desire. A men's leather biker jacket that includes 2 perforated front zip vents, 2 vents on back, mandarin snap collar, zip out full sleeve lining, antiqued brass hardware, zippered cuffs, adjustable side lacing, padded elbows, bi-swing back shoulders for better reach, zippered pockets and inside chest pocket. Big sizes available in the leather motorcycle jacket. Sizes: 40, 42, 44, 46, 48, 50, 52, 54, 56, 58, 60. +$10 for 48-52, +$20 for 54-56, +$30 for 58-60. [8#]

  • zip out full sleeve lining (remove for warm weather)
  • zip front vents (open for hot weather)
  • zip back vents
  • zip cuffs
  • inside chest pocket
  • antiqued brass hardware
  • padded elbows
  • bi-swing shoulders
  • snap racing collar
  • heavy duty YKK zippers
  • side lace or side zipper as available
  • top grain leather
  • soft premium cowhide leather



MANUFACTURER: This quality product is a Jamin Leather® brand or other reputable brand that matches or exceeds our quality standards, for the price.

LEATHER: Cowhide is a standard premium quality skin that is soft and supple to the touch. The grain is more even across all the panels of the product. The hair follicles are virtually undetectable. There could be a minimal sign of natural scars, scratches, wrinkles, creases or bug bites in the hide. The natural character of each and every genuine leather skin is unique in its own way, and ready to break in.

STRENGTH RATING: 4-5 - Maximum strength ideal for riding protection (rating 1-5).

COLOR: Black

RECOMMENDATION: We want our customers to get a best fit the first time. We recommend you see our size chart and how to measure guide. Our size chart is a common industry standard, but to some, our charts may seem small. We use our size chart as a bible for fit or we can't get it right for you. We try to measure every garment before shipping and every returned item to minimize any fitting errors in our patterns. Keep in mind one production run can measure differently than the next.

FIT: Leather jackets will physically measure 4-6 inches larger than the size you are ordering (measured flat from underarm to underarm x2) for proper fit. See size chart.

RETURNS: We have a 30 day refund, 60 day exchange policy. No need to call on exchanges. All exchanges (even for different items) are pre-approved for your convenience. With your purchase, you will receive a simple return form with a return label, which is also available online. Complete the simple form with any special requests, measurements or requests to exchange for different items. We try to thoroughly inspect all our products before shipping. If you find anomalies to what is expected or defects, we will pay round trip to exchange the exact item expected. All standard procedures apply if a refund or size exchange is needed, regardless of condition. We at Jamin Leather can assure you the quality and value of our products are at their best.

WARRANTY: This item is covered for 2 YEARS against manufacturers defects, and a LIFETIME warranty on all snaps, buttons and rivets. An extended warranty is available for this item.



SIZES AVAILABLE + (F1): 40, 42, 44, 46, 48, 50, 52, 54, 56, 58, 60.
LINING TYPE (F2): zip out
HARDWARE (F3): Heavy Duty
OTHER (F4): ...
MATERIAL: Cowhide Leather
BRAND: Jamin Leather brand or other reputable brand that matches or exceeds our quality standards, for the price.
COLOR: Black
LENGTH - SLEEVE: " (+/- run and size dependent)
LENGTH - BODY: " (+/- run and size dependent)
DEPARTMENT TYPE: Men's Women's Unisex-Adult
ITEM TYPE: Outerwear
THE NOTTKES | 04-12-2019 20:28

Excellent service
I have already bought another jacket and a vest.

J SOLOMAN | 04-12-2019 20:28

Have ordered from you a couple of times, very pleased.

RANDY | 04-12-2019 20:28

We like the fact that you carry motorcycle jackets for full grown people.

BILL B | 04-12-2019 20:27

I am so glad you have jackets that fit us bigger guys. It was very hard to find jackets to fit me, but we did and I already have another order lined up in the cart.

Bruce Badger | 04-11-2019 18:12

"Bought this jacket over 15 years ago. Still going strong. Crash tested. Cager did the left turn in front of me deal. No exit. Thrown over car and about 40 ft. down the road. No road rash. Couple minor skuffs on the jacket. No wear throughs.

Comfortable. Fits great. The best venting system besides a perforated jacket. Wore it in 103 degree heat in an Arkansas July. Not bad. Had a couple midwestern winters when I commuted to work on the bike if the roads were clear. The collar with a Dickie worn underneath allows you to shut out the frigid air.

Gets a heavy coat of mink oil every winter. That's about it.

Just a super piece of gear for a very reasonable price.

Have bought multiple items from JaminLeather over the years. The experience has always been a positive one.

Bought a pair of saddlebags that ,when they arrived, looked ridiculously small on the bike. Totally my fault for not mocking up the measurements on cardboard or something similar. The company cheerfully accepted my return with a smile for what I recall was a full refund. (May have been a store credit. Was a long time ago.)

They always ship quickly. And their customer service line is staffed by friendly, knowledgeable people. Just a pleasure to do business with them when customer service so often seems to be a forgotten concept.

This comment reads like a commercial. Well, I'd gladly do a commercial for them if asked. Great companies are becoming every more rare. And I LOVE this jacket too."

Priest | 04-11-2019 18:09

Okay... One day I find Jamin leather ; and the product line is impeccable. I buy ...#P761CEL The package comes on time and the products are well made, just great stuff.... as soon as I open the package she grabs the shoulder holster bag; declaring that she loves it and simply must have it. Everyone that knows how challenging it can be dealing with your MOTHER, caught up in the middle of an Alley Mcbeil moment one part of my man mind was saying don’t let it go, the sensible part of my mind was screaming let go it’s your MONSTER, I ‘m just kidding I Love my mom! A couple weeks later Grizzly, an old marine buddy stops buy... grabs the utility belt immediately stating he just loves this bag. The receipt is still on the bag so he looks at then tells me I’m so glad to see you guys I was worried about you all. You know my birthday passed about 2 months ago... Then he starts with the this is an excellent rig, it’s very well made and at would you look at that it only cost a measly $27.00 , and he keeps going on about the bag until finally I say. Grizzly; please take the bag it’s your birthday present, then the pretense kicks in, and he says oh, oh I couldn’t take such a fine rig from you, so I insist please take the bag . Lesson: do shop at Jamin leather but do make sure that when people see their products that your wearing them, and do not practice opening little self treats in front of people, or allowing them to follow you to your closet because they will shop! The staff is great and Lauren is one of their best reps; they’ll take care of you because they care. Be well shalom. Priest

Larry Jennings | 18-09-2019 20:32

Company is great

J Stephens | 16-09-2019 21:07

Web site was very nice, easy to follow with no trouble finding what I needed and item #'s marked clearly!

T Miles | 16-09-2019 19:08

Great group of people.

Jesse Mcknight | 30-08-2019 16:40

I'm very much satisfied

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