40. LIFETIME replacement on all snaps, rivets and buttons, shipping charges apply.
41. Manufacturer defects only are covered under the Jamin Leather free warranties.
42. 30 Day Warranty on externally attached bead work or metal attachments such as studs, emblems, etc. installed to any leather item, yet the leather on the garment is under warranty for term noted above.
43A. 90 Day Warranty on all footwear, patch leather goods, bonded leather items, motorbike accessories, and non-leather merchandise
43B. 90 Day Warranty any purchases made on any third party website like Walmart and Amazon your purchase is only covered by Jamin Leather for 90 Days. We recommend you buy direct!
44. 365 Day NEW 2 YEAR Warranty on all other Jamin Leather merchandise from date of purchase when you buy direct from Jamin Leather on our website.
45. Jamin Leather reserves the right to repair defective merchandise.
46. Jamin Leather will not be held responsible for any loss of personal affects or injury from use of products or from poor workmanship. Although rare, we encourage customers to contact us immediately for warranty or non-warranty repairs of defective and unsafe products.
47. There is no charge for warranty repairs including first time return shipping back to customer within warranty period.
48. Alterations void warranty.
50. Warranty does not imply refund.
51. 4 Year No Fault Warranties are available on selected merchandise at time of purchase.
52. 4 Year Warranty is not available on patch leather items, beaded items, motorbike accessories, footwear or non-leather merchandise.

4 Year No-Fault Warranty
$19.95 #WARRANTY4

4 Full Years of No-Fault Leather Repair. Not available on footwear, saddlebags, beaded items, most small accessories, and items that are not 100% leather. Jamin’ Leather™ warranties it's leather against manufacturers defects for 1 year or you can purchase this optional extended warranty whereas Jamin’ Leather will repair any damage to an all leather article for any reason including use, abuse, or acts of nature, free of charge to the purchaser. Customer is only responsible for return postage to our Repairs Department. Shipping fees apply to any repair after the first repair. Patch leather and non-leather restrictions apply. This warranty will repair snaps, zippers, buttons, tears, stitching and more. Warranty includes replacement of most common hardware. We at Jamin’ Leather™ promise to do the best possible repair on the garment with consideration that only certain repairs can be totally unnoticeable. Jamin’ Leather™ Brand reserves the right to cancel and refund the purchase price of this Warranty if the article is not repairable or if the cost of the repairs exceed its present reasonable value. These extended warranties are available within 30 days of the initial purchase date and does not cover and is not available for items with externally attached beads, hardware, or special emblems which are only covered by a 30 day warranty from date of purchase. Footwear, patch leather goods, motorcycle accessories and non-leather merchandise are not be covered beyond 90 days from date of purchase. These warranties also do not cover leather cleaning or replacing any leather parts. Other restrictions may apply, see order information on website for complete details. Proof of purchase must accompany any & all repairs. This warranty validates only with a paid receipt for warranty and applicable leather article.