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Jamin Leather® LLC

1222 Port Dr, Myrtle Beach SC 29577

Phone: 843-294-1222

Why Franchise with Jamin Leather®


Especially for the leather apparel industry, BRICK and MORTAR appears to be the future focus of leather apparel shopping as more and more consumers are frustrated with the lack of English-speaking companies taking over internet shopping of leather goods. With the inability to try things on for size, inconvenient returns, unexpected fit problems, misleading discounts that reflect the ACTUAL value of the goods, hyped up expectations of inferior products, fake leathers, and infiltration of large conglomerates swallowing up smaller businesses as they out spend and saturate the market from overseas.


SHOP LOCAL!  American consumers would all prefer to support good, old fashion American run companies with a hometown feel, impeccable personal service and quality goods.


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Jamin Leather®


Founded in 1979, The Company is a retailer of leather apparel and accessories, including private label products and handmade leather accessories. Revenue is generated in their flagship catalog outlet location in Myrtle Beach South Carolina as well as online, via its own site and affiliate websites. Additionally, the Company produces a full color print catalog as a major differentiation in the leather apparel and leather goods retail marketplaces.


The Company holds a Registered Trademark for the Jamin Leather® brand and specializes in leather jackets, vests, pants, chaps and other apparel, for men and women, with a unique collection that rivals its large competitors. The company also has established business partner channels including Amazon, Facebook, TikToc, Etsy, eBay and others. Finally, the Myrtle Beach flagship store is located in a unique tourist destination, attracting visitors from around the world.



Jamin Leathers® Motivation to Franchise

The owner always had the desire to expand to multiple locations or take on partners and expand as he did in his 20’s and 30’s. But as a hands-on person and almost 50 years being in the leather business, he knows his physical limitations prevent him from building more stores. He knows that taking on partners (ie. Franchisees) that follow his system with the same passion that he has, can drive that bus for another 50 years. He knows Jamin Leather® has numerous, well thought out appealing attributes including an unrivaled product selection that needs to be touched with a quality website to support the product line. The time is right to expand to new markets with his guidance building on the Brick-and-Mortar model. He also knows that he must territorially share the profits of online sales with his franchisees.  The franchise model and ownership can accelerate the brand to reach the next level benefiting all retail franchise locations. 




2024 Jamin Leather® Catalog


Industry Growth The organization is well structured for continued expansion. The leather apparel and accessories specialty business, along with the established business methodologies refined by Jamin Leather® has the potential of immense growth in select markets lacking a quality leather retailer like Jamin Leather® to take the reins. A future focus on strength in numbers theory!  And with increased brand recognition we get increased online sales that territorially awards commissions to franchisees while strengthening the brand.


Favorable Outlook for Brick-and-Mortar: Smaller online independent retailers are being buried further and further as more and more wholesalers, large conglomerates and foreign businesses infiltrate the online US market, in turn, leaving a real advantage for Brick-and-Mortar businesses to succeed. A huge advantage for interested customers is the ability to feel, try-on and smell the leather interested in purchasing. Internet businesses don’t have the ability to have products within arm’s reach or provide personal service. This is especially true for our upscale leather apparel industry. Leaving an ideal growth opportunity for interested brick-and-mortar investors to explore and have a Jamin Leather® franchise placed in a strategic high traffic location. It is only recommended that each Jamin Leather® franchise have a hands-on owner operator. 


Management Leadership Expertise and Support:  Since 1979, with over 40 years of experience the Company has, through the investment of considerable time and money, developed a unique and distinctive system of high-quality products and unique selection at non-specialty store pricing. Led by exceptional management and well-respected industry expert with a strong understanding of style, design, sourcing, and business development. The leadership along with your assigned franchise representative will support and assist you in all aspects of the franchise including but not limited to management assistance, staffing insight, in-store marketing, displays, product selection, ordering, Special Orders, and put together periodic deliveries of Care Package samples of new products to test, offer, stock and sell.

Exclusive and Extensive Videos and Imagery: Jamin Leather® owns tens of thousands of copyrighted marketing and product photography along with an extensive collection of product and information videos that can be available to all franchisees for in-store and local marketing promotions. Custom specialty imagery as well as video promotions for your individual Franchise location can be provided as needed for little or no production fee.

Exclusive Leather Products: Jamin Leather® designs and produces a large variety of exclusive private label items, including items with unique features that no one else offers, some of which produced in-house (Made in USA) all under the umbrella of the Jamin Leather® brand trademark. The Franchisor always negotiates the best possible prices for all products. Catalog inventory purchases will be ordered directly through the Franchisor. Franchisor will also have approved non-catalog inventory that can be purchased directly from third parties. Jamin Leather® eagerly encourages suggestions to add related products that complement the company’s fucus.


Established and Trusted Supply Relationships: Besides their own in-house production staff, Jamin Leather® has several key overseas and domestic factories that it relies on for high-quality and timely production. The factories can fill and produce high demand orders while maintaining quality control, under Jamin Leathers® supervision. The Franchise also benefits from strong long-term relationships with market leaders who assist in up-to-date product development and replenishment programs.


National and International Reach: Jamin Leather® has extensive reach through its decades of online presence and sales to customers nationwide and internationally. Franchisees will benefit from its broad marketing approach and recognition for visitors to their area. In turn, making key, high traffic locations more profitable.


Diversified Customer Base: Jamin Leather® has a wide range of customers which are not exclusively bikers, but primarily fashion customers looking for an alternative edgy look or lifestyle. Much of its customer base are practical buyers who also need functional products like wallets, belts, and bags. Jamin Leather® maintains a clean customer database of over 200,000 names that have had experience with the brand over the years.


Flagship Location to Emulate: Jamin Leathers® Myrtle Beach 24,000 sq ft location includes a 6,800 sq ft catalog outlet superstore, corporate offices, warehouse, manufacturing, and leased space. Jamin Leather® has been in operation at its current location in Myrtle Beach South Carolina since 2011. Jamin Leather® has an in-house sewing staff that not only produces specialty products but also performs repairs and installation of patches. Sales are derived from sales of over 6000 catalog skus along with a large selection of non-catalog inventory. The retail superstore is a unique and very impressive franchise location in a popular year-round tourist destination. Some design elements include a large front porch with rocking chairs, antiques for decorations, enhanced feature mannequins, an animatronic biker dude door greeter, a talking cow and buffalo triggered with a motion sensor, a photo op electric chair and concrete full-size motorcycle out front. Located on a main thoroughfare in Myrtle beach, it is a very impressive and highly visible location with a design and layout that are worthy of copying. Lastly, your franchise has the option to provide sewing services for patches and repairs, but keep in mind this service is subject to the talents of the tailor hired but can be a very lucrative addition.


Jamin Leather® also actively sponsors select aspects of the Myrtle Beach spring and fall motorcycle rally with bike week events like charity Benefit Rides and charity auctions benefiting 501C3 charities, vendors and maintains an events website for area visitors: MBEventGuide.com.



Thoughts on Competition
The Company’s primary competitor is almost exclusively the internet where customers are sometimes persuaded or bombarded with inflated offers from business conglomerates, wholesalers, foreign sellers offering inferior or fake leather goods. Keeping in mind, most apparel sales online can be challenging where customers can’t try it on and hope for a perfect fit. Customers are too used to the vanity sizing and stretchy material used on most apparel these days along with a misconception that leather will stretch, causing a large percentage of product returns and exchanges from online purchases. This is where brick-and-mortar can excel above and beyond online competitors including the Jamin Leather® website.



Jamin Leather® will not provide a Federally required Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) until we are properly registered in your state or the state in which you wish to operate out of. This brochure is intended for as an overview only with select information available the time of printing. All contents herein are subject to change without notice. Please contact us for further updates and information.




History of Jamin Leather®

The owner started in 1975 making products in his parents basement and selling them at flea markets and state fairs, to finally register the business in 1979, formally known as Jamie’s Leather prior to 1990. Only to later go on to opening and closing over 20 different locations in and about the upstate New York region. In 1993 Jamin Leather® produced their first full color catalog and in 1995 quickly adopted it to the internet. Jamin Leather® was the FIRST internet retailer in 1995 with a shop-able leather website containing thousands of SKUs in over 90 web pages, long before industry and big business knew how to do it.  And in 1997 took that success and moved to the Myrtle Beach area to further his dream and success.