Comfort Stretch Thigh Premium Buffalo Leather Chaps #C9901

Leather chaps with stretch thigh is made of soft buffalo leather and a nylon lining. The stretch thighs in these men's / women's leather chaps are ideal for those who need a bit more room.
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Leather chaps with leather elastic stretch thigh in a premium soft cowhide. The elastic thigh in these leather motorcycle chaps may add an additional 2" in each leg for easy access and riding comfort that moves with you. These soft men's / women's leather chaps feature a small hip pocket, adjustable belt front, adjustable lace back and 4 snap bottom. It's easy to trim the length of these chaps for women with a pair of household sheers. An exclusive Jamin Leather pair. Sizes XS, S, M, L, XL, 2X, 3X, 4X, 5X. +$10 for 2X-3X, +$20 for 4X-5X. [5#]


  • leather elastic thigh
  • small lap pocket
  • adjustable belt front
  • adjustable back lacing
  • soft nylon lined
  • 4 snap bottom (easy to trim)
  • YKK zippers
  • heavy duty hardware
  • top grain leather
  • soft buffalo leather
  • Jamin Leather exclusive



EXCLUSIVE: Jamin Leather has been manufacturing, designing and selling exclusive leather goods since 1979. This is a Jamin Leather brand product. Similar products may be available elsewhere but don't come close to our quality for the same price.

LEATHER: Buffalo leather is soft and supple to the touch. The grain can vary from grainy to smooth. Some items have a variety of each, and is often preferred in distressed and vintage garments to give it more character. Occasionally you can see a three dot pattern to its hair follicles. There could be a minimal sign of natural scars, scratches, wrinkles, creases or bug bites in the hide. The natural character of each and every genuine leather skin is unique in its own way, and ready to break in.

STRENGTH RATING: 4-5 - Maximum strength ideal for riding protection (rating 1-5).

COLOR: Black

RECOMMENDATION: We want our customers to get a best fit the first time. We recommend you see our size chart and how to measure guide. Our size chart is a common industry standard, but to some, our charts may seem small. We use our size chart as a bible for fit or we can't get it right for you. We try to measure every garment before shipping and every returned item to minimize any fitting errors in our patterns. Keep in mind one production run can measure differently than the next.

FIT: Leather chaps. We like to have you consider the thigh measurement first. Measure mid thigh. If you measure too high they may just fit too large in the thigh, and waistband will be huge. The waistband on our chaps are very adjustable. Most chaps have lacing in back that can be overlapped or let out for best fit, along with the front buckle that has plenty of adjustment. Chap extenders are available, if needed, that lace in the back can add 2-6" to the waistband and are available for most chaps (search "A209").

RETURNS: We have a 30 day refund, 60 day exchange policy. No need to call on exchanges. All exchanges (even for different items) are pre-approved for your convenience. With your purchase, you will receive a simple return form with a return label, which is also available online. Complete the simple form with any special requests, measurements or requests to exchange for different items. We try to thoroughly inspect all our products before shipping. If you find anomalies to what is expected or defects, we will pay round trip to exchange the exact item expected. All standard procedures apply if a refund or size exchange is needed, regardless of condition. We at Jamin Leather can assure you the quality and value of our products are at their best.

WARRANTY: This item is covered for 2 YEARS against manufacturers defects, and a LIFETIME warranty on all snaps, buttons and rivets. An extended warranty is available for this item.



BRAND: Jamin Leather brand
COLOR: Black
MATERIAL: Buffalo Leather
HARDWARE (F3): Heavy Duty
SPECIAL FEATURES: 4 Button Snap Bottom, Stretch Thigh
LENGTH - INSEAM: 34"-36" (depends how low you buckle it, trims easily with household sheers)
SIZES AVAILABLE + (F1): XS, S, M, L, XL, 2X, 3X, 4X, 5X.
SIZE UP CHARGES: +$10 for 2X-3X, +$20 for 4X-5X.
AVAILABILITY: IN STOCK (unless notified)
D FERST | 19-11-2019 19:10

Great selection and unbelievable prices!

BRIAN R | 19-11-2019 19:10

Very nice quality, nice fit. Fast shipping

R ROBINSON | 19-11-2019 19:10

I found the selection of clothes to be excellent

BONNIE | 19-11-2019 19:09

Happy with quality & speed of filling orders!

CINDY B | 19-11-2019 19:09

Very helpful and friendly over the phone, good chaps

R NELSON | 19-11-2019 19:08

Very good service and selection & I recived the item in a very timely manner. Thanks

BRIAN D | 19-11-2019 19:08

Great web site! Excellent quality, selection, and prices.

JOHN T | 19-11-2019 19:07

Good and fast service. Excellent phone service and selection.

LEMKE | 19-11-2019 19:07

Great selection of leather goods & styles at reasonable prices!

Honeybee | 19-11-2019 19:06

Love the chaps great for us women who have a small waist but need a bit bigger in thighs

D BAXTER | 19-11-2019 19:06

This is my first order & outside the fact that I was looking forward to the items ordered, I was thrilled when I received it in only 2 days!

FRANK GIGLIARO | 04-11-2019 18:36

All my life I have felt like a man trapped in a woman trapped in a cow. Now I feel like Frank Gigliaro. Who am I? No longer need I pack my muscular thighs into unyielding, uncompromising, Obama-esque chaps. These doggies keep me barking all night. I've tried 3 snap bottoms, 5 snap bottoms, 6... You name it. The 4 snap bottom is just what my chiropractor demanded. Without the lap pocket where would I stow my iPod? The best part: if I sit on something cold I know it, no ifs, ands, or butts. You know I was thinking just the other day, what would make Obama angrier? Ill-fitting, buttonless, non-stretch chaps, or the EXACT OPPOSITE. Thank you for answering this burning, chafing question for all time. The video on how to wear chaps was a great resource for my wives. In conclusion, whether I'm ridin' or bein' ridden this item provides good protection and GREAT exposure. One suggestion, more states should have open carry laws. What is this? Taliban?

V Dorns | 23-09-2019 16:40

I wish the measurements for the chaps were a bit better

BRIAN REWEY | 30-08-2019 19:16

Very nice quality, nice fit. Fast shipping

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