Leather Halter Tops and Tanks
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Black Lambskin Form Flattering Zip Front Tank Top #LH6885ZK
Black lambskin leather tank top with zip pockets. A zip front leather tank top that is sexy, form fitting and comfortable with its leather elastic stretch sides
Brown Long Body 6 Buckle Leather Corset w/Boning #LH1319BUCN
Vintage brown long corset top decorated with a row of buckles up front. This brown leather corset / bustier top is made of premium ultra-soft lambskin leather. The buckles hide a full front zipper.
Fringe & Bead Leather Halter #LH9073FBK
Black halter top with fringe exclusive of Jamin Leather. This fringe halter top is made of soft top grain cowhide leather. A cropped leather top with 8 inch fringe and antiqued beading.
Soft Deerskin Leather Jamin' Leather Lace Up Halter #LH6073LK
Super soft deerskin leather halter that laces up front and simply ties around the neck and back for best fit. This halter neck top includes rawhide front lacing, long neck and back straps. One size fits most. Jamin Leather Exclusive. Made in USA.
Black Lamb Leather Bikini Halter Top #LH3030L
Soft lambskin leather halter top that can be considered a halter top or leather bra. This halter top bra laces up front with an adjustable neck and back straps. One size. Jamin Leather Exclusive.
Chain Leather Strap Halter w/Chain Collar #LH14119CCK
Heavy cowhide chain halter top with collar. This leather halter neck top comes with heavy chrome chains over each breast and swooping from the collar. An adjustable choker and back chain.
Open Leather Studded Harness Halter w/D-Ring Collar #LH14118RK
Open cup bra with choker collar. This adjustable studded halter top is made of heavy 7-8 oz. cowhide with a center D-ring, O-rings, rivet studs on the choker and harness straps.
Lace Up Leather Bustier - Bust Booster #VLH9022LK
Black leather bustier with front lacing, side lacing, sport back, and chrome hardware. A Jamin Leather exclusive leather bustier. A bustier made of soft buffalo leather with back zipper.
Buckle Up Leather Bustier - Bust Booster #VLH9021BK
Leather bustier with triple buckle front, back and side lacing. A bustier made of soft buffalo leather. Leather bustier top comes with sport back, brass hardware, and nylon lining. Exclusive Jamin Leather.
Jamin Leather Snap Front Leather Bustier - Bust Booster #VLH9020SK
Snap Front Leather Bustier - Bust Booster #VLH9020SK
Black leather bustier with snap away front, and lace up back. This leather bustier is on sale! A women's leather top with side lacing, and more. Jamin Leather Exclusive club wear!
Jamin Leather D-Ring Lace Up Leather Halter Top #VL34DL
D-Ring Lace Up Leather Halter Top #VL34DL
Lace up black lambskin halter crop top. A wide open leather halter top with chrome rings and lace up front. This lace up black halter top is made from premium top grain lambskin leather.
Extra Long Side Lace up Zip Front Leather Corset w/Ribbed Cups #VL1340LZK
Leather corset that is extra-long in a hip length that laces up on both sides. This black corset is made of premium lambskin with full front zipper, ribbed cups, boning to keep it in place, and cinch up lacing in back.
Pink Leather Fringe & Bead Padded Tank Top #LH951FBP
Pink leather tank top with leather fringe and chrome beads along the front. Fringe halter top that is a stretch elastic tank top form flattering body with underwire cups and adjustable shoulder straps.
Buckle Collar Eyelet Halter #LH9023EYK
Halter top with choker collar, eyelets and buckles in soft lambskin leather. This black leather halter neck top comes with form fitting stretch material back, buckle choker, zip front, a soft nylon lining and an exclusive Jamin Leather item.
White Leather Corset w/Lace Up Front #LH821LW
White leather corset top that laces up the front and a long center zipper back. This white halter top / corset comes with elastic stretch sides, is form fitting and comfortable. Available in Plus Sizes.
Black Lambskin Lace Up Leather Corset #LH821LL
Black lambskin leather lace up corset tank top vest. This leather corset is not only available in plus sizes but is sexy form fitting and comfortable with its stretch sides.
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Leather Halter Tops and Tanks

Jamin Leather has a large array of leather tops including leather bustiers, leather tank tops, corset tops and leather halter tops. See one of the largest selection of leather tops and leather corsets available online. Dress to impress with Jamin Leather halters, tops, bikinis and leather corsets.

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