Genuine Leather Scrap #A_SCRAP

BAG OF LEATHER. Genuine leather scrap for crafts, jewelry, patchwork, and scrap booking. Medium and small size pieces for your next production project. Black and other colors available in small or large quantity bags.
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Genuine leather scrap for patches, crafts and scrap booking. Up to 1 pound of black leather scrap leathers. Average pieces are come in a variety of sizes and shapes. This leather comes in assorted grains and textures. A gallon size bag = 1 pound which is approximately 8 square feet of leather. [1#]


  • ideal for scrap booking, crafts, jewelry and so much more
  • gallon size bag for 1 lb.
  • assorted soft buffalo and cowhide and split leather
  • or soft lambskin, pigskin, sheepskin, goatskin and/or deerskin
  • or see drop down options for different leathers available
  • assorted shapes, grains and textures
  • most all top grain leather pieces



MADE IN USA: This item is American Made and hand crafted by our Jamin Leather's talented sewing and manufacturing staff or company partner. No one makes quality leather accessories quite like Jamin Leather.

LEATHER: Buffalo leather is soft and supple to the touch. The grain can vary from grainy to smooth. Some items have a variety of each, and is often preferred in distressed and vintage garments to give it more character. Occasionally you can see a three dot pattern to its hair follicles. There could be a minimal sign of natural scars, scratches, wrinkles, creases or bug bites in the hide. The natural character of each and every genuine leather skin is unique in its own way, and ready to break in.

STRENGTH RATING: 4-5 - Maximum strength ideal for riding protection (rating 1-5).

COLOR: Black

SANDRA M | 11-11-2019 19:42

Excellent quality, prices, and selection.

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