Eagle Novelty Helmet Gloss Black #H1105

Shiny black skid lid novelty bike helmet for sale with nylon lining and comfortable foam padding. This SOA beanie half helmet novelty biker lid comes with Y side straps and chin strap.

MSRP: $44.99
SALE PRICE: $39.99

Shiny black skid lid novelty bike helmet for that tough biker look. Excellent SOA beanie or half helmet for fun or fashion. A cheap motorcycle helmet that is only cheap in price. This eagle style novelty helmet is not DOT approved or designed for impact protection. Features nylon lining with comfortable foam padding, Y-strap for stability and a high gloss black enamel finish. Now with easy adjustable chin strap. [3#]


  • soft nylon lining
  • foam padding
  • easy adjustable chin strap
  • double Y strap
  • quick release chin strap
  • black enamel finish



MANUFACTURER: This quality product is a Jamin Leather brand or other reputable brand that matches or exceeds our quality standards, for the price.

MATERIAL: Fiberglass shell. See description for more information.

COLOR: Black

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WARRANTY: This item is covered for 90 days against manufacturers defects including hardware.



BILLY N | 20-11-2019 17:58

Great products, low cost, friendly people, good service.

DEBRA G | 20-11-2019 17:55

Polite, helpful, laid back, down to earth service & prices. I order by phone preferably.

John Tufaro | 20-11-2019 17:54

was out of stock but when they came shipped faster and got in 2 days was bought for a friend and he was happy

Rebecca D | 23-09-2019 16:53

Am pleased with the items we ordered & ordering was easy

Marlene | 18-09-2019 17:32

Good Quality and Prices

John Tufaro | 24-08-2019 18:35

was out of stock but when they came shipped faster and got in 2 days was bought for a friend and he was happy

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