#RETURNLABEL - Discounted Shipping Label

No need to contact us for exchange. Check availability and/or up charges if exchanging. A printable label (for 2 items max) will be emailed to you within 24 hours. If paid for Best Fit Guarantee™ you don't need this label, email us for a PREPAID label.
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MSRP: $10.00 - 16.101
If you buy 3 products from "Leather Jackets", "Leather Vests", "Other Apparel", "Accessories" or "Chaps and Pants" you will receive a 50% discount on the lowest priced product. (discounts do not combine)

SAVE YOURSELF A TRIP TO THE POST OFFICE, prepay the $10 return shipping fee (if you did not purchase a Best Fit Guarantee™) and contacting customer service for exchange! Valid for returning 2 items maximum. Cost is depending on shipping location and item being returned. This is a discounted return label for contiguous USA orders only. Once we receive this order (within 24 hours) we will email you a printable prepaid return label. Please return in the same packaging or small box appropriate for the size of the item(s) or there may be a service charge for a postage balance due.  The purchase of this label does not imply the ability to refund your purchase (RMA is required for any refund). 


Best Fit Guarantee™ customers will NOT need this label. Email call or [email protected] for a prepaid return label. 


NOTE: Some delivery locations require USPS, UPS, or a FedEx Label for the return. Inaccurate selections when purchasing or if for any reason the actual shipping cost significantly exceeds the amount paid, we will either request additional fee or we will deduct from any refund when processed. 

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