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Women's Patched Lady Rider Leather Vest #VL0891P9P
Women's leather motorcycle vest in a distinctive style. This cool look has 9 quality embroidered patches already sewn on. A women's motorcycle vest designed with two external pockets and side lacing at a great sale price.
Skull Patch Leather Biker Vest #VM908SK (M-3X)
Skull Patch Leather Biker Vest #VM908SK (M-3X)
Skull leather vest in patch leather with an extra large embroidered skull and cross bones back patch. This leather vest with skull comes with side lacing, two front pockets and skull head snaps.
All Patched Up Leather Motorcycle Vest #VM14PP
Biker vest made of patch leather, with a very large eagle back patch. This motorcycle vest has side lacing, 14 patches, a soft nylon lining, and buffalo nickel snaps. A leather vest with patches and made of top grain leather.
Lace Back Wing Patch Leather Zip Vest #VL1289WING
Angel wing vest featuring huge white wing patches with a lace-up center, between the wings. This leather vest with wings is made of top grain patch leather and has a zippered front.
Women's Motorcycle Jacket w/Patches #L1890EAGLE
A women's leather jacket that is cheap but rich with detail and patches for that biker chick in the family. This women's biker jacket comes with 7 patches, arm lacing, and more great features. Made of top grain patch leather.
Deluxe Multi-Patch Leather Vest #VM42PP
Biker vest with patches, 42 biker patches to be exact. An all leather side lace leather vest with patches that has a large eagle flag back patch, Two front pockets, inside chest pocket and a soft nylon lining.
Leather Boot Scarf or Arm Band for Patches #AB13062K
Adjustable leather boot scarf or arm band for your club patch. Ideal for bike clubs that don't wear vests, or to sew on a patch that shows what you represent or just a really cool band for your boot, ankle or arm. American Made.