Large Lace Up Concealed Pocket Thigh Bag #TB5850GLK

Long lace up leather thigh bag with top concealed pocket, two zip pockets, velcro thigh strap, adjustable and removable waist strap. A thigh bag with claw clips that also can attach to your belt loops
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MSRP: $89.99
SALE PRICE: $64.99
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Large lace up leather thigh bag with top concealed carry magnetic snap pocket and inside holster. This black lace up thigh bag comes with two zipper pockets under the decorative laced flap. A neat looking laced up leather Concealed Pocket thigh bag that is ideal for flea markets, travel, amusement parks, and biking when you need extra storage and don't want to carry an extra bag. A large black leather thigh bag with concealed pocket for your protective device if legal. A thigh bag that also come with an adjustable waist strap, quick release clip and two claw clips so you can attach to your belt loops instead of the waist strap. [4#]


  • concealed top pocket with two magnetic snaps
  • inside removable holster
  • decorative lacing snap flap up front
  • two zip pockets under the lacing
  • quick release clasp on waist strap
  • adjustable and removable waist strap or
  • two claw clips that can attach to your belt loops
  • top grain leather
  • soft cowhide leather



MANUFACTURER: This quality product is a Jamin Leather brand or other reputable brand that matches or exceeds our quality standards, for the price.

LEATHER: Cowhide is a standard premium quality skin that is soft and supple to the touch. The grain is more even across all the panels of the product. The hair follicles are virtually undetectable. There could be a minimal sign of natural scars, scratches, wrinkles, creases or bug bites in the hyde. The natural character of each and every genuine leather skin is unique in its own way, and ready to break in.

STRENGTH RATING: 4-5 - Maximum strength ideal for riding protection (rating 1-5).

COLOR: Black

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WARRANTY: This leather item is covered against manufacturers defects for 2 YEARS, and a LIFETIME warranty on all snaps, buttons and rivets.

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