Heavy Duty Black Leather Belt #BT302K

Long lasting belt for men and women that is one of our longest lasting available. This heavy, top grain black leather belt is made of 8-9 oz. heavy cowhide leather.

MSRP: $30.99
SALE PRICE: $23.99

Long lasting belt for men and women with a snap-off buckle. A heavy duty men's belt with a matching leather keeper in1.5" wide and one of our best leather belts. Made of premium grade, top-grain 8-9 ounce cowhide black leather with a removable 2 piece buckle so you can install any of your favorites. Made in USA. Sizes 28, 30, 32, 34, 36, 38, 40, 42, 44, 46X, 48X, 50X, 52X. +$6.00 for sizes 46X-52X. [1#]


  • 1.5" wide
  • removable buckle (for your custom buckle)
  • chrome buckle
  • cowhide leather keeper (for belt end)
  • top grain vegetable tanned leather
  • firm 8-9 oz. cowhide leather (for durability)



MADE IN USA: This item is American Made and hand crafted by our Jamin Leather's talented sewing and manufacturing staff or company partner. No one makes quality leather accessories quite like Jamin Leather.

LEATHER: Cowhide is a standard premium quality skin that is soft and supple to the touch. The grain is more even across all the panels of the product. The hair follicles are virtually undetectable. There could be a minimal sign of natural scars, scratches, wrinkles, creases or bug bites in the hide. The natural character of each and every genuine leather skin is unique in its own way, and ready to break in.

STRENGTH RATING: 4-5 - Maximum strength ideal for riding protection (rating 1-5).

COLOR: Black

FIT: Belts generally fit the size ordering plus 6"-8" for overall length. There is generally 5 holes in every belt unless noted. The middle hole will be no less than the size ordering from the folded end of the belt, and could be up to 2" longer depending on the run. If a decorative belt buckle is installed you can expect to add 1"-3" to the length (you may need to order 1 size down). We recommend you find a belt that fits comfortably, find the hole you use most, and measure it first before ordering.

RETURNS: We have a 30 day refund, 60 day exchange policy. No need to call on exchanges. All exchanges (even for different items) are pre-approved for your convenience. With your purchase, you will receive a simple return form with a return label, which is also available online. Complete the simple form with any special requests, measurements or requests to exchange for different items. We try to thoroughly inspect all our products before shipping. If you find anomalies to what is expected or defects, we will pay round trip to exchange the exact item expected. All standard procedures apply if a refund or size exchange is needed, regardless of condition. We at Jamin Leather can assure you the quality and value of our products are at their best.

WARRANTY: The leather on this garment is covered for 2 YEARS against manufacturers defects, and a LIFETIME warranty on all snaps, buttons and rivets. All other attached beading, studding and hardware on this item is covered for 90 days.

LEE W | 19-11-2019 17:12

Definitely thicker and wider than store bought belts. Well worth buying.

Brad T | 23-09-2019 16:39

I called while making an online order + again to find out about exchange (didn't see the slip in box) the dude was apathetic + rude - Ive called before + talked to friendly + honest girls

Cataldo | 16-09-2019 19:55

Good quality at an excellent price

LEE WEAVER | 30-08-2019 19:38

Definitely thicker and wider than store bought belts. Well worth buying.

4.5 stars based on 4 reviews